NEARITY Offers Audio Solutions to Internet Giants To Reduce Severe Echoes and Reverberations

By The NEARITY Team2023-03-04 15:04:47

Customer introduction

The client’s company is a Chinese shopping platform for locally found consumer products and retail services including entertainment, dining, delivery, travel and other services. The company is headquartered in Beijing and has over 290 million monthly active users and 600 million registered users as of April 2018.

The challenges

  1. Most of the customer's meeting rooms have an industrial design, with high ceilings or no ceilings, this creates a complex acoustic environment, as the equipment has difficulty capturing sound in the empty space, leading to low vocal clarity.
  1. There are numerous huddle rooms and a medium-sized conference room with glass walls, creating a strong echo effect due to the reverberation of sound bouncing off the walls. This can be especially difficult for those trying to communicate in larger groups, since the reverberation can make it difficult to understand each other.
  2. The company has more than two thousand meeting rooms, so the client needs a versatile audio solution that can accommodate different conference rooms and their varying sizes and acoustic conditions.


  1. The A20's deep-learning-based algorithm and 8-element microphone array provide superior audio quality even in challenging acoustic environments, allowing for crystal-clear sound pickup from the furthest reaches of the room.
  2. The Daisy Chain technology is an incredibly versatile and efficient solution for businesses, providing the ability to connect up to five NEARITY A20 units together. This is perfect for deployments in different conference rooms, as the increased connectivity allows for a much greater level of flexibility and scalability. Furthermore, the Daisy Chain technology significantly reduces the amount of maintenance required, making it an ideal solution for businesses of any size.